Environment Certificate Hotel Resort in Krabi  Ao Nang
Family  Vacations

Village Hotel   Environment Ceritficate

Executive Summary  

1.1         Project            “Krabi Emerald Resort, 66 units”

1.2    Location   Moo 3 Soi Klong Hang, Tambon Ao-nang, Amphur Muang, Krabi Province

 1.3         Project owner  Afarica-Dreaming Co.,Lt.d

 1.4          Consultant              Ms Phenpara Sibisiri

 1.5          Report submission April 9, 2003

IEE report was approved in meeting on May 15,2003. Project owner has improved  project layout in appendix of IEE report.

(8) Conceptual Design

§              In each room can see natural view in project area with area for sun-bath and view seeing. Building structure is designed to look as general house with soft color tone and low level of ceramic roof.

§              Building height about 3.28-10.70 meters, which not higher than big tree level in project.

§              Merging way of each building must be complied with regulation. This merging way will increase more usable area.

§              Green area will use local plant species that tolerance to Krabi weather, these plants such as coconut, plam, banyan tree,

§      ส่วนพื้นที่สีเขียวของโครงการจะเน้นการใช้พันธุ์ไม้พื้นเมืองที่ทนต่อสภาพอากาศของ
จังหวัดกระบี่ เช่น ต้นมะพร้าว ต้นปาล์ม หมากแดง ไทร หมากผู้-หมากเมีย ต้นไม้ดอกและ
ไม้พุ่ม เช่น ราชินีหินอ่อน เบิร์ดออฟพาราไดส์  ซองออฟอินเดีย สายหยุด เล็บครุฑ กะพ้อ
เหงือกปลาช่อน ส่วนไม้เลื้อยจะเน้นที่มีกลิ่นหอม มีสีสันและให้ร่มเงา เช่น ต้นการะเวก ต้นเฟื่องฟ้า เป็นต้น และต้นไม้ประดับอื่นๆ อีกหลายชนิด

Environment / Local Resource       Palm and Coconut tree

(4)  Source of art and natural environment  Aou Nang Seaside,

       Hat Noparattara natural park and PP islands

(5)    Laws and Regulations

(1) Notification of ministry of science, technology and environment; environmental conservative area in Krabi province B.E.2540

(2)           Building Control Act B.E. 2522

 1.6          Project progress

(Ö)  Permission to construction in 1999 for 9 buildings and in 2000 for 13 buildings

       (totally 6 permit licenses).

(  )  Permission to extent construction ………………...

(Ö) Finished construction 100% at the end of 2000, but project owner has to modify buildings to comply with Building Act. This has been shown in additional information 2 for using these building as hotel purpose after acquired permit from local authority.

 1.7          Existing status during August – October 2003: closing for improvement.

 1.11   Public utility in project area

(1)   Water system

Total waster use 53.3 cu.m. /day (attachment with calculation and plan in report Aril 2003)

Calculation from  average value    750  litre/room/day  and number of guest 2 persons/room

Reference       ; guideline for environmental impact assessment (minimum) for project of housing, public service and hotel ; Office of Environmental Planning and Policy B.E.2540

Source of water      (show detail in case of more than one source of water) Present, source of water come from underground water 63 meters deep , permit license no. 2-50943-0005. In the near future, project will use water from Water Local Authority.

Water treatment system ; Sand and carbon filter 1 set and increase 1 set in future

Spare water source        ; buy water from private sector

 (2)    Wastewater treatment

Total wastewater 42.64  cu.m./day

Calculation from average value 80 % of water usage

Reference       ; guideline for environmental impact assessment (minimum) for project of housing, public service and hotel ; Office of Environmental Planing and Policy B.E.2540

         Wastewater treatment system (  ) Central wastewater treatment   (Ö) On-site for each building

        Type of wastewater treatment system   Septic Tank

         Wastewater treatment diagram (attachment in page 2-75 of report April 2003)

         Wastewater treatment layout (attachment in appendix 7 of report April 2003)

         Central treatment plant for Krabi province   (  ) Yes   (Ö)  No

 Remark : Assessment of wastewater treatment for extension project;        good efficiency, no wastewater discharge. Project owner has committed that no wastewater discharge to public water source and conserve surrounding area. Project owner has selected the septic treatment system with suitable for this sandy ground area. This sandy ground type is most functional for wastewater treatment and let no water discharge to outside. Microorganisms in 3 meters dept with aerobic process will treat wastewater and treated water will be filtered by sand. (reference; Pichit Sakulprama, environmental sanitary, public health faculty, Mahidol university B.E. 2535)

 (3)                     Water discharge system

Water discharge system      (Ö) Separated rain and wastewater system  (  ) Combine system

        Effluent water

                (  ) To wastewater drainage

                   (  ) Recycle

                   (  ) Discharge to public water source

                        Utilization of water

                        BOD of water source………mg/litre   BOD mix…………….

                   (  ) Keep in project reservoir  ………………………………….

                   (Ö ) Zero discharge, treated water penetrating to ground

                   (  )  Other……………………………………………………………………………………

Storm water in project area Natural drainage and some part discharge to public water source (Klong Hang), south of project

         Storage of storm water before discharge to outside ………-……….

         Plan layout of storm storage area or discharge to outside, in page ………-………..

         Permit license for water discharge; in appendix 2 of report April 2003

 (4)                     Solid waste collection and disposal

Local authority                Tambol Aou Nang

Total solid waste  0.97  cu.m./day

Average solid waste 3.1 kg/room/day , Density 0.21 kg/litre

Reference       ; guideline for environmental impact assessment (minimum) for project of housing, public service and hotel ; Office of Environmental Planing and Policy B.E.2540

Solid waste collection ; house keeper collect daily from guest room, segregate recycle waste and keep in storage room.

Storage room size 1*2*1.5 cu.m.

Location Car park near Soi Klong Hang  (not starting to construction)

Solid waste storage layout (show in figure  1-3 in this report)

Collection permit license from Tambol Aou Nang (in appendix 2 in report April 2003)

 (5)                     Traffic system

In and Out sytem ; only 1walkway to Soi Klong Hang. In future , one new walkway will occur, which merging to new 6 meters wide road of Tambol Aou Nang local authority.

In project traffic system ; there have only walkway system, but in future road will be constructed with car park located in western of project area.

ค่า V/C RATIO ;Soi Klong Hang at present V/C RATIO = 0.0084 and  V/C RATIO = 0.012 when full operation service

Car park  in present   1 park ; number of car…-.. Number of motorcycle …15…

Car park in future 2 parks;

(1)  Leasing area around project  for 20 cars

(2) Open car park in western part of project area for 13 cars

Car park in (1) can be constructed after permission. Car park (2) has to wait for new road merging from outside of project.

Traffic system in project area          shown in figure 1-3 in this report.

Road merging / Bridge construction permission ; Bridge will be constructed to merge new road in southern part of project.

 (6)                     Electricity system

Transformer    150  KVA         1 set

Source of electricity; Krabi electricity authority

(7)                     Ventilation

Air ventilation  Separation system    Location…in each room

Ventilation in kitchen      Air exhaust system

Steam sytem           separation system

(8)                     Fire prevention

Type of building (Ö ) 1 floor (Ö ) 2 floors (Ö ) 3 floors ( ) 4 floors ( )…floors

Water source ( ) Storage tank (Ö ) water use tank (Ö) swimming pool and groundwater

Water spare in water reservoir for fire fighting……10        cu.m.

Fire equipment  …74 tanks   location next each rooms  - lobby - restaurant - chitchen

      One hydrant is  installed in front of project area.

Chemical extinguisher  1set / floor located near stair

Fire detector   1set/floor

Smoke / heat detector will be installed in very rooms.

Law /regulation  enactment no.39 of Building Control Act

Fire service station located at Tambol Aou Nang authority, 1000 meter distance

Other ; Sign to identified fire extinguisher , shown at door in each room and building walkway.

 (1.12)            Summary of project construction

Project has finished construction since 2000. Extension project is only to modification to comply permit license.

In this step will take not more than 2 months. Impact will be occurred in low level because mostly is woodwork and less than 10 workers without overnight staying in project area.

1.8           Project Detail

(1) Project size, 9-1-72 Rai (15,088 square meters) in 5 total permit licenses (attachment of Project plan layout and land deeds)

(2) Total room      66    rooms

(3) Components of project and size

Present project has 17 buildings (according to new modified buildings that will be submitted for permit);

-         Two floors, 13 buildings

-         Three floors, 2 buildings

-         Store-room 2 buildings

Total area of 17 buildings are 2,984.77 square meters (please see table 1-1). Detail in each building are, (figure 1-2, 1-3 show new modified project plan and sanitary layout. All of project plan shows in appendix 2)

q        Guest room building : 15 buildings

-         Building F1 for guest room ( 3 floors 1 buildings , total 6 rooms)

         Usable area                 =       307.8          square meters  

         Cover area                  =       120             square meters

-         Building F2 for guest room ( 2 floors 2 buildings, total 4 rooms)

                  Usable area                 =       133            square meters

         Cover area                  =       107             square meters

-         Building F2-A for guest room ( 2 floors 1 building,  total 2 rooms)

         Usable area                 =       93.92          square meters

         Cover area                  =       69               square meters

-         Building F2-B for guest room (2 floors 1 buildings, total  6 rooms)

                  Usable area                 =       267.75        square meters

         Cover area                  =       195.3          square meters

-         Building F2-C for guest room ( 2 floors 1 building, total  4 rooms)

                  Usable area                 =       221.5                  square meters  

Cover area                  =       141             square meters

-         Building F2-D for guest room ( 2 floors 1 building, total 2 rooms)                  

Usable area                =       75.25                  square meters

Cover area                  =       53.5            square meters

-         Building F2-E for guest room and various purposes, merging with walkway

           and arch of tree( 3 floors 1 building, total 2 rooms)

Usable area                =       298   square meters

Cover area                  =       152   square meters

-         Building F3 for guest room ( 2 floors 2 buildings, total 6 rooms)

                  Usable area                 =       275.5          square meters

         Cover area                  =       200.8          square meters

-         Building F3-A for guest room ( 2 floors 1 building, total 8 rooms)

Usable area                =       295.95        square meters

Cover area                  =       183.25        square meters

-         Building F3-B for guest room ( 2 floors 1 building, total 8 rooms)

Usable area                =       296.28       square meters

Cover area                  =       183.25        square meters

-         Building F4 for guest room ( 2 floors 1 building, total  4 rooms)

         Usable area                 =       149.16       square meters

         Cover area                  =       93               square meters

-         Building F4-A for guest room ( 2 floors 1 building, total 12 rooms)

         Usable area                 =       448.08       square meters

         Cover area                  =       290.25        square meters

-         Building F5 for guest room ( 2 floors 1 building, total  2 rooms)

                  Usable area                 =       74.58                  square meters

                  Cover area                  =       58.5            square meters

q        Service building ; 2 buildings

-         Store-room ( 1 floor 2 buildings)

                   Usable area                 =       48              square meters

         Cover area                  =       96               square meters

                (Already construction, in process for permit license)

 q        Other components

-         2 swimming pools

-         Green area and free area 87% of total project area

-         Open area for massage service


- Buildings have been submitted for permit license

         1. Store-room 2 buildings (already construction)

Table 1-1 Area use in building

Usable area

Number of room

Area (square meter)

q       Building F1 (3 floors; 9.6 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2-3 for Duplex room



Total building  in F1

1x6 =6


q       Building F2 (2 floors; 6.6 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 2 buildings in F2

2x2 =4

2 x 66.5=133

q       Building F2-A (2 floors; 6.6 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 1 building in F2-A

1x2 =2


q       BuildingF2-B (2 floors; 7.65 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 1 building in F2-B

1x6 = 6





q       Building F2-C (2 floors; 6.6 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 1 building in F2-C

1x4 = 4


q       Building F2-D (2 floors;6.6 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 1 building in F2-D

1x2 = 2


q       BuildingF2-E (3 floors; 10.4 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room, waiting room and kitchen



     - Floor 2 for guest room and reception



     - Floor 3 hall



Total 1building in F2-E

1x2= 2


q       Building F3 (2 floors; 6.60 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 2 building in F3

2x3 = 6

2 x 137.75=275.5

q       Building F3-A (2 floor; 7.65 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 1 building in F3-A

1 x8 = 8


q       Building F3-B(2 floors; 7.65 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 1 building in F3-B

1 x8 =8


q       Building F4 (2 floors; 7.65 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 1 building in F4

1 x4 = 4


q       Building F4-A(2 floors; 7.65 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 1 building in F4-A

1 x12 =12


q       Building F5 (2 floors; 7.65 meters)



     - Floor 1 for guest room



     - Floor 2 for guest room



Total 1 building in F5

1 x2 = 2


q       Store-room (1floor;3.28 meters)



     - Floor 1 store-room



Total 2 building in store area


2 x 24=48

Total area in all buildings



 (4) Building area                2,984.77   square meters

Cover area                             1,942.85   square meters (FAR = 0.2 : 1)

Free area                               13,145.15 square meter (OSR = 87%.)

 (5) Building Type ; house with 2 and 3 floors , brick-concrete wall, yellow-orange color shade, steel structure roof and gold-orange shade of cpac monier ceramic roof (side view and cut view of building in appendix 2 of additional information report 2)

Total               17    buildings (according to modified buildings)

Height             3.28 - 10.40 meters

Guest room building  2 floors                 height 6.6 - 7.65 meters                        

Guest room building 3 floors                 height  9.6 - 10.40 meters

Store-room building                             height 3.28 meters

(6) Number of employee      50    persons  (stay in project  ...persons)

(7) Number of guest             2/4   persons/room

 1.10   Geographic of project

(1)  Land use of surrounding project    ; mostly hotel, bungalow and plaza, local communities located far from main road.  Project has boundaries following,

Northern close to free area and BlueVillage

Southern         close to     palm garden, public klong(klong Hang) and Pavillian hotel (5 floors)

Eastern   close to     public road and palm garden

Western close to     free area

(Figure in page 2-6 of report April 2003)

(2)   Former land use in project area leasing house                

Existing (figure of project existing in page 3-2of report April 2003)


(6)  City Plan Control volume… - ..   Land use type…-……

(Attachment of city plan with project identified location)  Project area is located out of Krabi City  Plan according to notification of land use classification volume 332 (B.E.2540).


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Ao Pra Nang Beach  Environment Info

Ao Nang or Ao Phra Nang, features Krabi's most developed beach. Fringed by palms, the long beach is backed by a wide range of accommodation including resorts, bungalows and guesthouses. Most travel services can be found here, and there is a good variety of restaurants featuring both local and international cuisine. Due to it's locale and range of services and accommodation, Ao Nang serves as the ideal place to both stay put and relax, or from which to explore surrounding islands and beaches.
Krabi Beaches  INFO

Krabi's beaches are some of the best to be found anywhere and lie within easy access from the main town of Krabi.   Each has its own attractions to offer the tourist  --  be it simple relaxation in the sun and sea, seclusion, or the opportunity to indulge in water sports and other activities in the ultimate tropical paradise locale. Krabi's main beaches are as follows:

Rai Lei Beach
The west side of the headland features a beautiful curved beach backed by limestone cliffs and jungle which provide contrast with the flat blue waters of the Andaman sea. The very picture of tropical paradise, it is a favourite place for climbers and water sport enthusiasts. Accommodation choice is surprisingly varied for such a small area - everything to luxury resort style to the most basic bungalows, and a few restaurants and bars provide the basic necessities. High season is busy, but it's also worth making a trip in low season when most activities can still be enjoyed, and monsoon weather changes provide spectacular views over the ocean. The east side of Rai Leh Beach is home mostly to mangroves, some accommodation and restaurants. It is also the most convenient spot from which to hail boat transport (unless you want to hike back over the headland).
Tahm Pra Nang Beach
Within 10 minutes walk of Rai Leh east, this beach lies on the outer most point of the headland and backed by a limestone cliff housing the Outer Princess Cave or Tham Phra Nang Nok. Swimming and snorkeling can be enjoyed off this pristine, white sandy beach, and from here it is possible to hike to the top of the headland to get spectacular views of the entire area.  
Nopparat Thara Beach
Located within 18 km west of Krabi town, this quiet beach lies within the Hat Noppharat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National Park and features a long sandy stretch lined by casurina trees. Popular with local Thai picnickers and those who like to swim and sun worship, it is also possible at low tide to walk from the beach across to some of the islands dotted in the bay. Great for a day visit.    
Krabi Islands
In the coastal waters off Krabi, lie more than 200 islands, some of them inhabited, and many that belong to Hat Noppharat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National Park. These islands offer a host of recreational opportunities including reef diving and world-class rock climbing, and harbor some of the most exotic, private beaches.  
Phi Phi Islands
Comprising of two main islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley, these islands are a part of the Hat Noppharat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National Park.

 Phi Phi Don Island One of southern Thailand's most popular tourist destinations, features sheer limestone cliffs and sandy beaches. Anvil in shape, the island covers a total area of 28sq km in length and 3.5km at its broadest point. The neck or handle of the island is where the majority of the tourist accommodation and services are located, and is the central point for boats to dock. An uninhabited section of the island lies to the west, and Cape Laem Tohng, on the northern tip, is home to the Chao Ley, or Sea Gypsys. Diving at Laem Tohng is excellent, as it is also at Hua Rah Ket to the extreme south.

 Phi Phi Ley Island Eentirely comprised of steep cliffs, with caves and a sea lake. It features several beautiful bays ideal for snorkeling, and on the northeast side, the famous Viking Cave, which contains pre-historic paintings. The island is also a popular site for nesting swifts, and local people come there daily to collect the nests used to make Bird's Nest Soup, a Chinese delicacy.
To the north of Phi Phi Don lies Koh Yoong Island featuring 2 small beaches and well preseved coral gardens off shore.
Adjacent to Koh Yoong lies Koh Pai Island with small swimming beaches on the north and east side, and coral gardens off the south end.
Lanta Islands
About 53 islands are included in this group, which form the southern most district of Krabi Province.

Koh Lanta Yai
The largest of the islands,it was known long ago by its name in the Malay language, Pulao Satak, which means Long Beach Island. The island is a favourite spot for those who seek peace and solitude, and is the home of the District and National Park offices. Mountainous and rugged in some spots, especially near the southern tip; with a combination of gravelly and fine white sandy beaches, the island is also home to a clan of Chao Ley, or Sea Gypsies who preserve many of their ancient customs and ceremonies. Some accomodation and services are available, and the island is easily accessed by ferry from Ban Hua Hin Pier in Tambon Koh Khlang; Bor Muang Pier in Tambon Sai Kao; or Jao Fah Pier in Krabi Town.

Koh Taleng Beng
Lies in the Lanta district and similar in shape to Phi Phi Ley. Swallows also nest at this island which at low tide features a small beach and tunnel.

Mu Koh Hah
Still in the Lanta area, this is a group of 5 islands featuring coral gardens and good diving spots. 

Koh Ngai, Koh Rock Nai and Koh Rock Nok
South of Lanta Island, these 3 islands are close to Trang Province. Koh Ngai is easily accessed via ferry from Pak Meng Beach, others are accessed by hired boat and feature both beaches and coral gardens.
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